Hot chocolate cocoa milk frother espresso latte


Nice folks enjoy nice things; heavenly cappuccino sips in the calm of your kitchen before a hectic schedule unfolds; baking a batch of blissful cookies all for yourself; or spending an entire Sunday in satin pajamas…

Luxica Home, as an experience, is about capturing luxurious moments anytime you want in the warmth of your own home. Lavish yourself with a cinnamon latte, scone in-hand. Spoil yourself with a steamy mocha served in a crystal goblet to nurse you through your next favorite novel. Relax, and indulge in homemade spiced-chai on a rainy day, or tantalizing iced coffee on a hot one. 

This is the essence of Luxica Home. Our team hand-selects the finest products to help you transform your home into an elegant, refined, and classy café anytime you need it. 


About the founder

Alanna Richter Arenstein, founder of Luxica Home, is a hopeless chai latte addict capable of baking ginger spice cookies and delectable chocolate soufflés that weaken knees. She’s also an avid online shopper (the reason her local UPS delivery driver has a job!) schooled in the fine art of sourcing select products.

A bachelor’s from Cornell, an MBA from Harvard, running marketing and sales divisions… then marriage and nearly a decade off of work to raise a pair of little ones. Creating her own luxurious moments during (oh-so-rare) instances of peace and quiet became refuge. That sanctuary is now the essence of the Luxica Home brand.

Alanna Arenstein founder Cafe Luxe.jpg